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I'm cold
school; is hard, and I've been working hard with a friend on a special project.

Diana like died, and she was on pain killers and still might be and was pretty like, high so the insanity that went down in real life and a bit on her LJ was amusing.

Theo birthday is a week from Friday, Halloween, so everyone prepare themselves. Gerard's is the day before, so there will be crazy partying I think. I am a bit CHILLAY. Dice is actually not crazy anymore she assures me, although when it did happen she was like rushed to the hospital and I was freaking out since I may or may not have accidentally been responsible.

Ok, so I've been listening to a really predictable song on repeat. Guesses anyone?

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asher did you kiss a guy and like it

i was not dying

baby im always kissing boys and i awlays like it

are you sure?

oh? well im negative so that explains our attraction ;)

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