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i dont know
my life; it's really really confusing.

It's really... I don't know what to say. I feel really odd and I don't have school tomorrow. And Gerard and I keep fighting a lot and I don't know why. And Marco is being weird and I think all guys in my life right now are just... unexpected. Liam is at home, not being bitchy. Kyle IM'ed me the other day... He said he missed me, and then we had a bizarrely pleasant conversation. I'm honestly waiting for Eli and Ty to call me saying they love me, and also this boy I knew last year to phone up saying we should hang out again. Is it something in the water?

The girls are being strange. They're all political half the time, and have since decided they are cartoons.

On the upside Mase and I are planning something and it will kick ALL ASS.

ALSO: Diana should call me.

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I think so... but Iam not really into her

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