im sick as a dog
but my birthday is soon

also i need to talk to you

that person know who ther are

i have a head ache

sup with you all?

thanks for the memories; yeaah fob.

Thanks though. Just, for stuff. And people.

I'm to tired for specifics. Liam is home.

hey guys

Shits been up. The show finished, and I will miss making out with Emily, but ah, I will survive. With help. Incidentally I'm being helped.

I'm tired, because I was a dumb ass and joined winter track.

My birthdays sooon.

I'm fucken happy. For no reason. Well not really. Mmm I'm tired too.

SUP, flist that Ive been neglecting the shit out of?

THEATER; it fucks with my life.

SERIOUSLY. As much as I love kissing Emily all the time, it's really just too much with football and everything, even though the seasons ending. I know, I know, BITCH MORE, EMO ASHER. But still.


Halloween was awesome.
I think?


People are arriving at Masons, gotta go.

s c a n d to the l o u s
singing :)

So we are sitting here psychoanalyzing people. We also spilled blue dye on my dog. I also a spiked dog collar to prove how utterly hardcore he is. ANYHOW, we are getting hyper because we just are, and we want to get laid by sexy vampires.

So that's all besides we both want to get laid.

you're the kind of girl id take home to momma
damn you look good and I'm drunk; I dare you to YOUTUBE.

So there a football game next Friday. HALLOWEEN GAME. We had better win. ALSO: the play is awesome. I get to make out with Emily, which as many of you know excites me.

ALSO Mason and I are like the laziest people ever and require assistance to throw a party, so we've called in support. It's going to be AWESOME. Masons house is HUGE. We are turning on his hot tub and there will be a room with loud music for dancing and stuff, a room with a lot of food and stuff, and then the outside.

We are thinking of having a bonfire, but we can only assume someone would get lit on fire.

It is a costume party, but they aren't required.

I'm really cold, and probably failing Spanish. Also, it's Gerards birthday in one week and he's being really needy. AND: my mom might get me a new car for my birthday. She says shes proud I didn't get kicked out of school. My little sister is going to need some better role models.

It's also Theo's birthday, on Friday. Diana says we get him drunk, but she just likes getting people drunk so we shall see. I suspect Emily is plotting something, but who knows.

I'm off to do Calculus homework. And by that I mean I'll be refreshing LJ frantically hoping for a response from anyone and everyone about anything in the whole world :P.

I'm cold
school; is hard, and I've been working hard with a friend on a special project.

Diana like died, and she was on pain killers and still might be and was pretty like, high so the insanity that went down in real life and a bit on her LJ was amusing.

Theo birthday is a week from Friday, Halloween, so everyone prepare themselves. Gerard's is the day before, so there will be crazy partying I think. I am a bit CHILLAY. Dice is actually not crazy anymore she assures me, although when it did happen she was like rushed to the hospital and I was freaking out since I may or may not have accidentally been responsible.

Ok, so I've been listening to a really predictable song on repeat. Guesses anyone?

i dont know
my life; it's really really confusing.

It's really... I don't know what to say. I feel really odd and I don't have school tomorrow. And Gerard and I keep fighting a lot and I don't know why. And Marco is being weird and I think all guys in my life right now are just... unexpected. Liam is at home, not being bitchy. Kyle IM'ed me the other day... He said he missed me, and then we had a bizarrely pleasant conversation. I'm honestly waiting for Eli and Ty to call me saying they love me, and also this boy I knew last year to phone up saying we should hang out again. Is it something in the water?

The girls are being strange. They're all political half the time, and have since decided they are cartoons.

On the upside Mase and I are planning something and it will kick ALL ASS.

ALSO: Diana should call me.


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